Rectangular table

This is a real classic. It is very convenient, you can easily put it against the wall or push it into the center of the kitchen. Moreover, there is a mass of folding, sliding models, transforming tables, which in a few moments turn from a compact dining table into a place for holding a real feast for a dozen people.

Square tables

one of the most capacious. In addition, they great save space, suitable for small kitchens. Being in the corner, they will be an excellent option for a family of two people, and a square table in the center with a minimum side length of 90 cm is already a great option for a family of 4 people. For large families, which have a spacious kitchen, a square table for 8 people is suitable.

Round table

will make the interior of the kitchen more interesting, and the space itself will be safer for children, because there are no corners here. Moreover, many more people can sit at a round table than a rectangular one with the same surface area. Also on sale are round tables with the ability to transform. Dining tables of this form have some drawbacks: they cannot be pushed up against the wall, and they are suitable only for small families, since a table designed for 8 people will be so large that it will be inconvenient to communicate behind it.

Oval tables

have all the advantages of round and rectangular: they are great for large families, comfortable, have a great appearance. Also today, semicircular tables are popular - a good option for kitchens with a small area.

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