How to choose a dining table

The dining table in the kitchen is a special place. All family members gather here not only to eat, but also to talk, they often receive guests, and many still use the table surface for cooking, if the kitchen is quite small and there is no separate work surface. Naturally, the requirements for the surface of the table will be different in each individual case, and it all depends on the main scenarios of its use. But still when choosing a dining table, it is important to pay attention to its decorative qualities, strength, durability, ease of maintenance. It is also important to take into account the style of the kitchen, the parameters of the room and the number of people living in the apartment - all these factors are of great importance. Let us see what a dining table will be the ideal option in each case. The following tips should help in the selection.


The table should be such that the whole family is conveniently located behind it, but there is still free space in the kitchen itself. Specialists in ergonomics have long considered and derived the formula of a comfortable table. So, one person should have at least 60 cm width and 40 cm depth, in the middle of the table there should be a place for serving items common to all. The minimum width of the dining table is 80-85 cm, and the length is already selected depending on how many people will regularly gather at the table, and how big your kitchen is.It is also worth noting that choosing a table with a width of more than 105 cm, even if the kitchen area allows, is not a very good idea. At such a table is quite difficult to communicate, comfort is lost. But the table already 80 cm will also be inconvenient for the family, because there will be no place for serving.The choice of table size depends on its shape. So, a rectangular table with parameters 150 * 90 cm is perfect for a family of 4-6 people, depending on where it will stand. For a family of up to 8 people, it is better to look after the table with parameters 200 * 110 cm, etc. If the table is round, the calculation goes a little differently: 4 people fit perfectly behind the smallest table with a diameter of 110 cm, and with a diameter of 130 cm - 6 people will sit down.It should be borne in mind that there should be free space for normal movement. So, the chairs should move away without any problems, while not touching other pieces of furniture or appliances. Optimally, there should be at least 1 meter between the table and adjacent objects.


Summarizing all the above, it can be noted that for a small kitchen the best option is a semicircular table, where one side is a straight line, which is right next to the wall. A small round table is an excellent option for a small family, which in everyday life usually does not use table corners for serving, which means that it is possible to save space in the kitchen.For the smallest kitchens can be advised folding table, which is screwed to the window sill or wall. When it is time to take a meal, it is raised, and after - return to the usual position, so that it does not interfere with the free movement in the kitchen. As a rule, together with such tables use stools, which can also be folded, or set on each other.

Transforming tables - an option invented just for rooms modest in area. Compact, at first glance, the table can turn into a huge thanks to special mechanisms for folding, sliding, etc. If guests suddenly come, then there will be no problems with their landing.

To make the space visually a little wider, you can choose a transparent table made of glass or plastic. It will still take place, but the kitchen will not be perceived as such a tiny and cluttered furniture.


For a large kitchen, you can choose almost any version of the dinner table, because you are not constrained by anything. A spacious table will look great in a spacious kitchen - a small one will simply be lost, and it will look inappropriate. It is best to place the table in the center, but if the kitchen is equipped with an island, then the table can be placed closer to the wall.

For large kitchens, long rectangular and oval tables are perfect, complemented by appropriate chairs. For medium-sized kitchens, tables of any shape will do, and their location will depend on the location of other pieces of furniture.


Most kitchens can not boast of a large area, so there are few options for the location of the table here. The table is usually placed under the wall opposite to the one where the work area is located. If the kitchen is spacious and has a full dining area, then the table can be put in the center. If you are lucky to become the owner of a separate room intended for meals, then the table is definitely put in its center.

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